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Soapbox Rant of the Week


There are many time when things come up in life that I wish i has a soap box and everyone would stop what they are doing and understand my perspective. Notice I did not say that I wished people would stop and listen me. That is because I think many people will listen though I do not think many people hear. Trust me, there is a difference. Now, every now and again, I will stand on my soap box and just say what is on my mind. No filter, no editing, no pausing. All Vez, straight with no chaser. We will see how this goes but hopefully I will not be arrested or put on any watch list for anything I say that may be inflammatory. For this first one, I am going to look in the mirror and yell at myself for a bit. Have to yell at yourself first before you can yell at anyone else right?

I have spent a lot of time trying to be Jarvez rather than just being Jarvez. I have spent way to much time trying to me all things to all people and always toeing the line. The real me has a strong yet calculated confidence (that many confuse as cocky). More of which will come out as I do more of these. The last three years have been quite a ride and did one thing that I told myself I would not do, I let reasons become excuse. I also let others (along with some circumstances) dictate how I felt about myself. In short, I went about six months where I lost my sexy. Sexy to me is a way of being. It is a way of living. It an internal feeling that you are desirable and that you add value to any environment. That is why I say I am bringing sexy back and because I want people to know it is ok for them to find their sexy. For each person it is different. Until you deal with the other things, you will never be successful in your weight loss effort. Life happened to me and I made bad decisions. I went back to what I knew. I we back to old comforts. What I will not do anymore is beat myself up about it or live in the shoulda, coulda, wouldas. I like in the now and prepare for the future. What can I do today to be better tomorrow? What can I do this week to be better next week? What can I do this month to be better next month. What can I do this year to be better next year? When I started this journey in 2010, I told everyone I would only promise them 2 day, Today and Tomorrow. As long as I work at on each of those days everyday. I will be just fine.

I have a lot to say and I plan to channel a lot more of it on here.  Do not be afraid to leave comments and communicate with me. My thought are solely my opinions and perspectives as viewed through my personal lenses. Enjoy.

Jarvez’s Diet Bet


As many of you know, since my show has ended, I have gained some weight and have been working diligently to get to my goal weight, I was watching the news one day and saw a segment on a website called Dietbet, a social weight loss game. I was really intrigued by this game because it seemed fun. I was later contacted by someone in the company who asked me if I was interested in hosting my own game. I jumped at the chance.Why do you ask? This is a fun way to not only lose weight, but to encourage other to do so as well. It is much more fun when you feel others are working towards the same goal. Also, it helps me to recreate the same type of environment the show create for me but in a smaller scale. The greatest thing the show did for me was give me a since of urgency. I did not just have to lose weight but I had to lose weight by a specific time. I had no control on when my show would air but I know I did not want to waist the opportunity so I had to have a since of urgency in order of reach my goals. Also of time we say “Ohh I will start tomorrow” or “I will start next month” or “I will make up for this after the holidays” and we never do. This is an opportunity to take 4 weeks and focus on your health. Whether you weigh over 500 lbs like I used to or weight a buck seventy-five, everyone can participate because it is based on a percentage of weight loss.

What is Diet Bet you ask?

DietBet is a 4-week social weight loss game. DietBet is a game where you’ve got 4 weeks to lose 4% of your starting weight. To begin, everyone puts money into the pot. After four weeks, whoever’s hit their 4% goal is a winner and splits the pot. You have the option of taking your winnings, doing another DietBet or donating your winnings to charity.

Check out the “How it Works Link” http://www.dietbetter.com/how-it-works for more information how DietBet works.

Join my DietBet today!

Simply go to http://dietbet.com/jarvez and join my DietBet today. It starts on Monday, October 14th so you still have time to signup and join. when you join, do not join alone. Invite your family and friends to join as  well. It makes the game more fun. Also, I am personally giving away prizes for those who join and invite the most friends. i am giving away a custom championship belt for the game’s MVP (the person who invites the most people to join). I will also be giving away Visa gift cards to others who invite people and you could win a $25 visa gift card or even a $50 give card for simply invited people to join. For a select few, I will even be offering free coaching throughout the game. Which means I will work with you personally to help you win. Join today and win tomorrow. Let’s do this together.

What’s Next Radio Show

 What’s Next Radio has started!


New Weight Loss Podcasts with Whats Next Radio on BlogTalkRadio




My Addiction

This is a poem I wrote a bit ago. It still rings true to this day. It is something that I have to deal with each day that I wake up. When I did the show I thought it would be over but I was wrong. Below are my thoughts on my addiction to food.

My Addiction

By Jarvez D. Hall

How can I describe my addiction to food,

It is scary how the worst stuff can put you in a good mood.

It does not matter if it is drive-thru, dine-in or delivery service,

Just the thought of giving up my favorite foods really makes me nervous.

Reducing fat, reducing sodium and managing carbs,

Counting all the calories I eat? Man this is hard.

The doc gave me some pills because mt blood pressure was too high,

She said, “If you do not change your life, you will prematurely die”.

More test came back that said I was pre-diabetic,

My wife a widow because of my addiction? How pathetic.

I am high in uric acid and low in Vitamin D,

AHHHHHH! How many things can be wring with me?

And if that was not enough to get me to react,

The doc said i was over fifty percent body fat.

My addiction to food has come with a heavy price,

And in my mind, I know, my addiction is not worth my life.

Though everyday I wake up, I just want to get a taste,

I know I am not suicidal so I know that is not the case.

This food keeps calling me, check my cell phone history,

Why it keeps calling me it my life’s great mystery.

If I do not answer my phone, it knocks at my door,

So I turn off all the lights and hide on the floor.

But the food still would find a way to my table,

I would “try” to say no but I was not always able.

I do not need a diet, I need detox and rehab,

I need a lifestyle change and not the latest fitness fad.

I can live without gambling, drugs or an alcoholic drink,

Can you live without eating? It kind of makes you think.

Describe my addiction to food? I could not really if I tried.

I just know I have to beat this addiction or I will die.

Conspiracy To Sabotage

When I came home from boot camp with Chris Powell, I wrote this poem. I felt like everyone knew I was on this weight loss quest and everyone one was working hard to see me fail. This was my outlet for me feeling. Call me paranoid is you like, but the evidence is clear. Well it was clear to me at the time. LOL.  Happy Reading.



Conspiracy To Sabotage

By Jarvez Hall

Opening Statement

The fast-food companies, pizza places and restaurants (I will refer to all of them throughout simply as food companies)  have conspired to sabotage my weight loss journey. Oh yes, this is true. This may be hard for others to believe but I have thought about it long and hard and it is the only logical conclusion that can be deduced. Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury, I ask you to find the fast-food companies, pizza places and restaurants guilty of conspiracy to sabotage my weight loss journey.

Exhibit A: New Food Items

These companies have known for years that I like to try the newest foods. Once I began my weight loss journey, Wendy’s immediately came out with new french fries, Carl’s Jr. came out with new chicken strips, Red Lobster came out with brand new shrimp dishes and Olive Garden came out with new pasta dishes and Popeye’s  came out with a new set of sauces for a new set of chicken wings. This is just to name a few. These companies have clearly and intentionally attempted to entice me new items. When these new items were not able to cause my dietary demise, companies resorted to Exhibit B, Reducing Prices.

Exhibit B: Reducing Prices

In an effort to appeal to my economic side, food companies have slashed prices because they know it is hard for me to pass up a deal. Most of the fast food restaurants not have some version of Value Menu, Super Value Menu, Extreme Value Menu, Insane Value Menu, etc. Right after I started, McDonald’s came out with a 50 McNugget Deal. Burger King had a by one chicken sandwich get one free deal. Dairy Queen ran a special on Blizzards. Many of the National Pizza Chains, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s and Rountable just to name a few, started any pizza with any topping for $10 deal while another pizza chain, Domino’s were practically giving away their medium pizzas for under six bucks. These are clear attempts to entice me by reducing prices.  When new foods did not work and when reducing prices, were these companies deterred? No sir. Instead, they resorted to their most underhanded tactic yet, they brought back my old favorites.

Exhibit C: Bringing Back My Old Favorites

I knew something was up when Red Lobster brought back “Endless Shrimp”. An  all-you-can-eat option for certain shrimp dishes and by far my favorite promotion at the restaurant. When Olive Garden brought back the “Never Ending Pasta Bowl” I thought this could just be a coincidence, right? When Pizza Hut brought back the Stuffed Crust Pizza, my spidey since began to tingle. I knew it was not a game when McDonald’s decided to make their most egregious and blatant attempt to entice me  by bringing back McRib (Had they brought back the Morning Mac or the Michael Jordan Burger I would have reported them to the FBI). Everyone knows I love the McRib.

Closing Argument

Ladies and Gentlemen of the jury. You have seen to what lengths these companies will go to to sabotage my weight loss journey. They have come out with new food items, reduced prices and brought back my old favorites. I submit to you today, the only verdict you can return on these food companies is guilty, guilty of Conspiracy to Sabotage in the 1st Degree.  I rest my case.

A New Day Begins

new day



A new day begins for me. I have been away for awhile. I have not written. I have posted. I have not provided any updates. Well, as the title of this post alluded to, a new day begins. More so than a new day begins,  it is really a new chapter in my life story beginning. In the last 36 months I have had significant life changes. I have gotten married. I have bought a new home. My wife and I welcomed our first child into the world. I have gotten a promotion at my job as well as been laid off from my job all within the last 36 months. Not to mention I was on this little television show called Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, maybe you have heard of it. I lost over 281 lbs in one year.

The problem is, life happens and I let it happen to me. Just like a recovering alcoholic should say nothing can come before sobriety, i should have developed the same mindset. Life happens to all of us. How we chose to deal with it is what sets us apart. I chose to deal with life in a manner that was not constructive and I have gained a significant amount of weight in the process. In the manner in which i made bad decisions, I am now making better decisions. As soon as I stopped making bad decisions, the weight has started to come off again.

Reasons Versus Excuses

I had to learn the hard way the difference between reason and excuses. A couple people who have seen me recently have asked me “Why have you gained weight?” because I do not look exactly like how I looked like at the end of my episode (I do not look like how I did at the start of my episode so I have not completely fell off of the wagon). At first I used to give a ton of reason. I was worried about being a good father. I was stressed about my new job. I was stressed about getting a new boss. I was stressed over finances. I was stress over potentially losing my job and I was stressed over losing my job. In my mind, I was making excuses. A wise man once told me that excuses are tools used to build monuments of nothing. That man was correct. Now, if someone asks, I simply say, “I have made a serious of bad choices that led to undesired results.”  I had to learn how to take responsibility for my actions and more importantly, my decisions. Life lesson learned the hard way, Never Make Your Reasons Your Excuses.

Bringing Sexy Back

In the time since the show, I have really been keeping a low profile. I have been trying to be normal and just like any ordinary person. I was trying so hard to be ordinary that I forgot to be ordinary. Being bold and brash and coupling that with a strong desire to succeed, strong work ethic and an infallible consistency led to a very positive place both physically and emotionally. Bringing Sexy Back is all about an attitude, a state of mind and a state of being. It is official, I am going to have to bring sexy back to America. It is a tough job but someone will have to do it.  :-)

The What’s Next Movement is Starting



The  What’s Next Movement is starting. People who have seen my episode know what I would says to Chris Powell after we would finish an exercise. I would always say “What we got next”. From there, the What’s Next Movement was born. It is very simple to push yourself and be part of the the Movement. Simply purchase a wristband for $5. Reach some goal or push yourself to do something you have not done before, take a picture with the wristband and post it on Facebook or Twiiter with the hashtag #What’sNext and let the movement celebrate with you and move on to your next goal. You can make this fun and buy wristbands for all of your friends and try to one up each other or use it as a way to motivate someone who is just starting out on their journey.

If your health and wellness was not enough reason to buy a wristband, 20% of all proceeds will be going to Tender Loving Care – Think N Try. Its a 501c3 here in Portland, OR that works with at-risk youth and there families. It will help to support the health and wellness initiatives directed at teaching children to live healthy lifestyles.

Order your What’s Next Wristband



My first challenge of 2013

I have told myself that in 2013, I will be bold. I will try things I have never tried before. I will push myself to do more than I thought I could do. While I was at the gym one day here recently, I saw a flyer for the 2013 Kaiser Permanente Fight for Air Climb, an event by the American Lung Association in Oregon.  Below is a bit about the climb.

“One breath and one stair at a time, the American Lung Association in Oregon (ALAO), take steps in our fight to prevent lung disease and promote lung health. This year’s goal is to raise $30,000 for the programs and services of ALAO. Climbers will take off in 12-second intervals and climb 20, 40, 80 or 160 floors as they ascend “Big Pink”.”



US Bancorp Tower                      


The US Bank Tower (known to Portlanders as “Big Pink” because it has the most floors of any building in Portland and shines pink when the sun hits it) has over 40 floors. Participants may chose to go to the top once (40 flights), twice (80 flights) or 4 times (160 flight). It was something that i knew I wanted to be involved in because I had not done it before. I talked to me family and friends about and one person wagered $20 that I would not be able to go up 40 flights. I scoffed, took the wager and promptly signed up for 80 flights. In sharing this with people, a friend challenged me to do the whole 160 flights. My wife thinks it is crazy. My family things it is crazy. Most of my friends things it is crazy. So what you i say? In the What’s Next mode, I take on the challenge. In a little over a month (36 days) I will run 160 flight of stairs. As my many (and fellow cast member from ABC’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition) said, “160 flights of stairs in one day? That’s crazy….or is it?”





I am pumped up to take on this challene. If you are in Portland and want to run with me, feel free to sign up and join Team What’s Next and run right along with me. If not, you can support the American Lung Association and make a donation (tax deductible) to Team What’s Next to help us make our fundraising goal needed to participate in the event. I am really looking forward to thiss and I will be back on here to tell you all about it.

Tip #5 Never Chase your losses

One thing that has gotten me though though far is the idea of not chasing my losses. I realized that there was not one thing that I would do or one thing I would eat the made me 564 pounds. It was my lifestyle that got me to that point. It was the way I chose to deal with life. If something positive happened to me in my life, I would celebrate with food. If something negative happened to me, I would comfort myself with food.

I would have this bad meal and then I would just say, “ohh well” and follow that up with another bad meal. So the bad meal would turn into a bad day. This is when the spiral would continue because I already had a bad day, may as well have another. I could do this because “tomorrow”, “Monday” or “The first of the month” I was going to start my, “diet”. So then I would have a bad week. Which would quickly turn into a bad month. That is when I started hitting milestones. I would say, “ill never be 400lbs”. Then I would say, “ill never be 500lbs”. Of course all of those things happened.

when it comes down to it, the only way you hit rock bottom is when you chose to stop digging. So put down the shovel  and lets stop chasing our loses together. Let not make a bad day be a bad week. Lets not make a bad week a bad month. Lets not make a bad month a bad year. No matter what setback may come, we can always stop and change our behavior forward.

A Letter To Mommy

This is the letter I read at the beginning of my episode. I wrote this letter of the eve of my college graduation. I was asked to give a speech for a celebration of Black Graduates hosted by the Ujima Education Office at Oregon State University. When I sat down to write, I thought I was going to write something to all the people who did not believe in me and all the people who said I could not do it. But all I could think about was my mom. I wrote this letter at that time in hopes that she would read it.


A Letter To Mommy

By Jarvez Hall


Mommy, wow is it really you? I really just do not know what to say. It has been six years but it seems like only yesterday. I really do not even know what to say. I have always wanted to talk with you one last time and I knew if I did, I could never find the words.

I feel so many things swirling around me and everything comes back to you. I wish you were here to give me advice. You know you were always right. I wish you were here to see Tamea, that’s Timmy’s little girl but I’m sure you know that, I know you have been watching. She is soo cute. Bad, but cute. I wish you were here to see Charlotte’s wedding. Yeah she finally did and he is actually a cool dude. Ivory and Chiquita wilded out but I’m sure you knew that was coming.

I think about you everyday and I do things (sometimes unknowingly) to feel close to you. I still sleep on the floor or sitting up at night like I used to do in your room. I still go to the same restaurants you loved. I even order the same things you ordered. I watch all the shows we used to watch together and listen to all the songs we listened to. Sometimes, I talk to you as if you had never went away.

There have been some changes. Holidays have never been the same. For awhile,  Charlotte was not the biggest fan of cooking. You remember when we lived on Kirby and it was the first time she made Thanksgiving Dinner? Timmy was doing what he always did, stay over Tina’s family’s house all day and we wouldn’t start until dusk and me, I just stopped caring for awhile.  You know we even have fake Christmas trees now? Can you believe it? That part didn’t bother me as much because I loved decorating the tree with you. You would always get one that was too big for the house and we would saw it down for about a week with a Ginsu knife. We’d go to the store and buy tons of fake snow and always end up with a fake snow fight and singing Christmas Carols after we lit the tree. I don’t open a gift on Christmas Eve anymore either. I realized that yesterday made it six years since you passed away.

I remember the last time you were awake and I told you, “I love you” and you said the same with a tear. I hope you heard me the next night as well just before you passed. Mommy I am actually graduating from college tomorrow. Everyone who was in your room on June 10, 1999 will be there, me, Charlotte, Timmy, Bishop and Mother Irving. I am pretty sure Terry is hanging with you right now.  I just pray that you will be able to be there too. To see me walk across the stage. Bring Terry and Grandma with you and I pray, for one day, if only for one day, we can be a whole family together again.


I love you Mommy and I miss you

Your son, Jarvez Hall



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